October Gales

October Gales

During the week commencing 13th of October we were told about a fallen tree that had come down over the Mill Pool Garden.  When we went along to see it we were devastated thought that there would be a lot of damage done to the garden.

However, on Saturday the 18th when we pitched in and took a good look at the tree and started to cut back some of the bigger branches we could see that by good luck the tree had managed to avoid damaging any of the shrubs that we had planted and only flattened some of the perennial plants which should all come back next year.  Also none of the brickwork, etc., seems to have been damaged at all. 

Can we thank all those who worked so hard to make the area safe (including one very small tot called Eva who hauled some branches that were bigger than herself!!) and also those who made the garden look good for the Winter.  It was good to see new faces who had all come along to help.

We are just waiting now for a very large crane to come in and hopefully removing the tree without causing any further damage as we have been lucky so far.

Your can see a couple of pictures in the gallery called "Events at Hill Hook".

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