Birmingham Airport supports Volunteers’ planting initiative in Hill Hook Local Nature Reserve


The Friends of Hill Hook Nature Local Reserve are very pleased to announce that  we have been awarded a grant of £1,000 from the Birmingham Airport Community Trust Fund.


This award provides the main funding behind an extensive programme to be undertaken by our volunteers of:-


           1) planting additional native wildflower plants in our meadow,


together with


           2) planting native wild daffodil bulbs elsewhere in the nature reserve.


We plan to enrich our meadow with an enhanced range of wildflowers for visitors to enjoy during late spring and summer months, as well as helping create vibrant feeding and nesting grounds for insects, birds and small animals.


The improvements will get underway during September 2018 and will continue during the autumn. We will also use the funds for the purchase of pre-planted coir mats to enhance the marginal vegetation around the Mill Pool and for purchase of tools to help with our work.


The Birmingham Airport Community Trust Fund makes grants of up to £3,000 to community groups in areas most affected by the Airport’s   operations.


We are very grateful to the Trustees of the Birmingham Airport Community Trust Fund for supporting our plans !


 Thank you !