The Friends of Hill Hook Local Nature Reserve need your votes !Waitrose Four Oaks branch  — September 2017

 The ‘Friends of Hill Hook Local Nature Reserve' are one of 3 good causes who Waitrose customers will  be voting for in the Waitrose Four Oaks branch, 'Community Matters’ customer vote for September 2017.

 Each month the Waitrose branch donates £1,000, shared between 3 local good causes. This sum will be divided between the good causes pro-rata to the number of votes received.

 Customer voting at the Four Oaks store started on Friday 1st September and continues until Saturday 30th September 2017.

 Each time you make a purchase at the store check out in September 2017, please ensure that you receive a green voting token and then please place it in the ‘Friends of Hill Hook Local Nature Reserve’ voting box at the in-store voting station (situated by the exit door to the car park). The more tokens we receive in our voting box, the bigger the donation we will receive.

Please vote for us to help with our regular conservation activities in the Hill Hook Local Nature Reserve, to protect and enhance the natural habitats for wildlife  - both plants and animals.  We will use the funds raised for the purchase of tools, native plants and also materials for building and maintaining pathways and boardwalks.

Thank you !