With hope, the local people strive,
Sawing wood and digging soil,
Helping birds and bats to thrive,
In habitats, with all their toil.


Fixing bridges over stream and bog,
Following paths we never knew,
To see the birds or walk the dog,
It's worth a look, come see the view.


Surprise awaits at every turn,
Day or night it matters not,
You never know what you could learn,
Come and see just what we've got!


By Richard Clinton




 It's so enchanting to walk thro' the meadows,

To embrace the senses and fragrance of nature,

the magical sight of the flower seeds when floating on wind that blows,

As I take in its beauty, I'm filled with rapture.


As I stand and gaze across the pond,

the bright shimmering sunlight on the water that dance,

there's the Heron, sits in the corner of where he's so fond,

the swans, so elegant that glide past like a ballet performance.


In the darkness of the woods, has secrets that it holds,

the canopy of foliage form hiding place for all,

the wonderful show of bluebells that cover the ground as they unfold,

and nature's creation of colours, reds and golds of the fall.


By M. Pestridge




Hill Hook, Hill Hook,

What a wonderful place to see,

Theres lots of birds and animals

and it is absolutely FREE!


By Jenny Hopkinson (age 7)

(To accompany this poem Jenny sent in a lovely drawing and you will find it in our Gallery section)